I am running in the 2017 Boston marathon on behalf of the Lingzi Foundation on  Monday, April 17th. I am hoping to raise $5,000 for the foundation. Please read more about me below and if you would like to contribute toward my run for the Lingzi foundation, click on the donate button below:

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My name is Weilong You.

The 2013 Boston marathon bombing was a huge tragedy. I got to know what a great person Lingzi was after the tragedy through my friends and this Foundation. I learned she was a caring and positive person who always brought joy to friends and family. She had a good heart, and dedicated lots of her personal life to volunteer work like teaching in rural schools. She also had a great passion for life, especially towards music and adventures. Such a beautiful life just vanished due to unrelated hate of this divided world, which is the exact opposite of what Lingzi had been pursuing all her life.

These great values inspired me.

I started running for a simple reason, unbeatable pair of legs and strong heart, so that I can explore the beauty of many of the unreachable places of the world with endurance and more passion.

Training for marathons also taught me important qualities of life like perseverance and discipline, more importantly, stay positive and never give up.

These are also the positive values Lizing was passionate about..

I can think of no better way than running the Boston Marathon for Lingzi Foundation, to spread her love and passion of life, positive and fearless spirit to pursue dreams, and to help more people like her to accomplish their dreams, to bring us together from the divided hateful world.

Stay strong, stay positive, never give up.