2020 was a prominent year full of challenges and changes, and even more so, a year that tested the human spirit. Social and cultural unrest became two significant factors that made us re-examine the way we perceive each other and the world. With the Lingzi Foundation having roots within the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community, this year was a reminder of how important it is to support one another and to lead a life with empathy and compassion.

Beginning a new year in 2021, the Lingzi Foundation had the opportunity to partner with ReadBoston for AAPI Heritage Month. This was a wonderful opportunity to connect with local youth, while sharing stories of diversity and self acceptance by AAPI writers. Lingzi loved academics and developed a keen interest in literature at a very young age. So this felt like a natural partnership and has inspired us to create the “Lingzi Book Club”. 

We believe that reading helps foster growth, a deeper understanding and imagination or perspective of people and topics and the inspiration to pursue individual passions and dreams. We are looking forward to bringing a variety of books to our communities and youth; in the words of a local librarian:  “These books serve as seeds of knowledge and inspiration.. One will never know where or when it will take a root, but we all know for sure some definitely will.”

Copies of the first 3 books that were shared and donated to 6 schools and over 100 elementary students, are:

Eyes That Kiss in the Corners by Joanna Ho

The Ugly Vegetables by Grace Lin

A Different Pond by Bao Phi

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