The Lingzi Foundation is honored to be part of Flying Tiger Historical Organization’s (FTHO) mission of promoting and strengthening friendship and cultural understanding by honoring the past. These values are near and dear to our hearts. The Foundation wishes to carry on Lingzi’s love and spirit by encouraging more individuals and organizations like the FTHO to make a positive impact toward building bridges between cultures, and to champion compassion among people from different cultures, religions, and backgrounds.


FTHO’s aim has been, and is, to shine a light on the remarkable history and cooperation which existed between China and the US during WW II, to honor all who served so bravely and gave up so much of their lives, both Chinese and Americans, that we might live in freedom and to build on the bridge of friendship forged during one of the darkest periods the world has known.

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A Celebration of U.S. WWII Pilots—in China

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