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The Lingzi Foundation honors the example set by Lingzi Lu, who spread love and compassion while fearlessly following her dreams, by providing educational opportunities for courageous and ambitious students like her, and supporting organizations that reflect her passions and recognize those making a positive impact towards building bridges between cultures and communities.

Lingzi Lu

REMEMBERING A DAUGHTER a poignant eulogy, Lu Lingzi’s father recalls her love of beauty.


The Lingzi Foundation is a not-for-profit organization based in Boston Massachusetts formed by the family of Lu Lingzi, who perished during the Boston Marathon bombing attack, to preserve and perpetuate Lingzi’s life example.  The Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) organization incorporated in the State of Massachusetts.  The Foundation provides opportunities to those who share Lingzi’s ambition and dreams to enrich their lives, open their minds and break down barriers by learning from her positive spirit, unparalleled work ethic, perseverance and humanism. Lingzi lived life fully with joy by appreciating family and friends, food and its ability to bring people together and the beauty of the environment around her. The Foundation seeks to identify and partner with organizations that share these passions and support their inspirational initiatives.

Lingzi Foundation Inc. is a 501 (c) (3) organization incorporated in the State of Massachusetts. Download the Lingzi Foundation Exemption Letter

“She set her life and career goals early on, determined to go abroad to see the world and become an independent and well-educated woman; she knew what she needed and never wavered.” 

- Lu Jun, Lingzi’s Father



The Foundation has assembled a team of dedicated runners who will be running the 2015 Boston Marathon to honor the memory and ideals of Lingzi Lu and raise funds for the Foundation to enable it to pursue its mission and goals. Each runner has his or her own personal reasons for running and we urge you to read each of their stories and be inspired and make a contribution. Many thanks.
Lingzi Foundation, by the Board of Trustees

ChengHe Guan

$700 Raised

Goal: $5,000

Lingzi is one of the reasons I started running marathons, and now marathons have become an important part of my life. As a first generation immigrant, the experience of living through the Boston bombing …read more.

Michael Helm

$835 Raised

Goal: $5,000

As any runner will confirm, overcoming each new distance and time goal is exhilarating! I feel this is great opportunity to achieve another goal that always seemed beyond my reach – my first marathon. I supported Faith …read more.

Jasmine Hu

$300 Raised

Goal: $5,000

…I attended matches in my province and city when I was in high school, and I won first prize at the women’s 800 meters in my city. In college, I continued working out and running every day. This will be my first marathon. …read more.

Xinyu Kang

$1,845 Raised

Goal: $5,000

I met Lingzi in 2012. We came to BU at the same time and had many courses together. It was a huge loss when the tragedy took her away from us and our entire community. I am glad that I will be running with the Lingzi Foundation …read more.

Renata Martin

$500 Raised

Goal: $5,000

I am running the Boston Marathon this year in memory of Lingzi Lu and in support of the Lingzi Foundation.
This will be my third marathon. When I was 18, I ran the NYC marathon to raise funds for pediatric cancer research and …read more.

Anthony Sanders

$985 Raised

Goal: $5,000

I took a hiatus from running for almost 20 years then rekindled my love for the run in 2010. In 2011 I helped create the We Run This Town Running group (one of the only minority running groups in RI and New England). …read more.

Faith Sands

$1,821 Raised

Goal: $5,000

I ran my first marathon in 2013 in Providence, RI on Mother’s Day, just weeks after the Boston marathon bombings and words cannot express how I felt crossing the finish line. Many people asked if I was afraid to do it, given what …read more.

Robert C. Threlkeld

$5,860 Raised

Goal: $5,000

I have been a lifelong runner, having ran my first marathon at age 16 in 1978. I have run the Boston Marathon a number of times, including in 2013. I have always thought of running as a positive way to celebrate life. At the …read more.

Max Tucker

$1,287 Raised

Goal: $5,000

I am excited and humbled for the renewed opportunity to run in the memory of Lingzi and raise funds for such an important foundation. I identify with Lingzi’s ambitious and explorative personality, and will be thinking of her spirit …read more.

Yujue Wang

$151 Raised

Goal: $5,000

As an international student, I have extreme empathy with Lingzi, who was also living thousands of miles away from home and striving for dreams in our early twenties. I admire her bravery and positivity. I am motivated to run …read more.

Special Thanks to Our Team Who Ran for Lingzi’s Dream April 20, 2015 . Boston Strong
ChengHe Guan, Michael Helm, Jasmine Hu, Xinyu Kang, Renata Martin, Anthony Sanders, Faith Sands, Robert C. Threlkeld, Max Tucker and Yujue Wang.
Lixin Gao, Yunfei Xu, Song Gao, Zhengwei Hao, Shu Li, Fang Liu, Jun Xu, Weiyao Xiao, Weixuan Li, HONGHAI LI, Jixin Li, Hubo Li, Lucy Li, Guanyu Wang, Eleanor Powers, Rong Liu, Sicong Ma, Ted Helm, Faith Sands, Marybeth Celorier, Pamela Robinson, Robert Monteith, Carollynn Carlson, Moezeddin Karimeddiny, Ed Connolly, Jonathan Helm, Elena Stankova, Cindy Foreman, Matthew McDermod, John Bertram, Nathan Smith, Melissa Benson, Frank Nitkiewicz, Eileen Tobin, Mary Ellen Jutras, Jewelll Norville, Joseph Mulligan, Eugene McPherson, Shizhuang Luo, Rick Allain, Nevin Zhu, Rocco Saya, Rick Allain, Shahryar Gilani, Yini GUO, Baiyun Yao, XINYUN KANG, Song Gao, Xiaoxiao Huang, Wei Gao, Jun Xu, Shu Li, Eric Kolaczyk, HUI, Xinyu Kang, Mia Li, Shuyang Bai, BINGYAN XUE, Weiyao Xiao, Ryan Xu, Allyson Shifley, Li Ge, Lixin Gao, Yuan Huang, Hubo Li, Fang Liu, Lucy Li, Ashis Gangopadhyay, Zhengwei Hao, Youming Liu, Guanyu Wang, Rong Liu, Karen Durant, Eric Chang, Ava Mauro, Fen Zheng, Theresa Vartanian, Hanwen Wu, David Rohrlich, Renata Martin, Jill Parker, Maria Faga, Carlos Martin, Deirdre Dickinson, Princia Contin, Nancy Pronovost, Ingrid Moura-Martin, Mary Greaney, Janice Travis, Marybeth Celorier, Jeffrey Lees, Sandra Marie Narkevicius, Rae Cameron, Kristine Cabral, Sherri Collins, Nancy Scuncio, Donald Gouchie, Faith Sands, Judith Helm, Michael Helm, Deryl Robson, Heather Norton, Randi Belhumeur, Dean Lees, Sara Cottrill, Dan Belhumeur, Michael Narkevicius, Terrie Valvo, Karen Laplante, Robin Erban, Eileen Tobin, Kristen Chip, Camilla Farrell, Phillip Clark, Christine Ferrobe, Eleanor Powers, Lynn Marie Wilson, Carmen Titelman, Sid Brown, Anita Van den Oetelaar, Mary Hanson, Dorothy Wilson, Chandler Tucker, Maxwell Tucker, Seth Currier, Gayle Miner, Marielle Eagles, Elias Maroney, Sophie Spiers, Andrew Crispin, Samantha Provencher, Kayley Bolstad, Greg Zegas, Vera Lee, Evan Ramos, Michael Parello, Jake Walsh, Nicole Enriquez, Hardie Stevens, Adam Feeney, Peter Budryk, Catherine Tobin, Douglas Budryk, David Imani, Patrick McGee, Lisa Obrien, John Tucker, Thomas Moon, Deven Dayal, Catherine Dobbins, Nicole DeSimone, Adriel Klein, Selby Knudsen, Sarah Sigel, Holly Sewalk, Kara Sewalk, Jackie Mahedy, Jennifer Budryk, Rich and Kris Veilleux, Taylor Stevens, Amy Gaines, Susan Newton, Han Xu, John Hall, Deborah Michaud, Stanley Straube, Daniela DeLuca, Judith Fenwick, Ian Paolo Mauricio, Aaron Lyle Gelbman, Mary Bush, John Donovan, Yuting Zhang, David Maltzan, Eleanor Powers and to several other anonymous donors we thank you.

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